Baby yoga

Baby Yoga, Birthlight Zürich, Grüngasse 21, 8004


The baby yoga course helped me to lose fear of how to carry my baby. At the beginning, I was very afraid that my baby will get hurt very easily by the way that I carried her, that I would not dare to explore different movements than the conventional ones.

I found out that she actually loves some of the exercises that you learn on this class and help her to sleep profoundly because she gets exhausted.


Since the class is divided half time for the mother doing yoga, half time for the baby and mother exercises, the baby might get very easily bored during the first half hour.

The instructors that we have contact with sometimes seem to forget the main purpose of the course which is to bring mothers and babies together by doing yoga. They tend to focus in financial matters such as making sure every one paid their fees and seem to get annoyed when someone asks them for information outside the class.

My Rating: ***½

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2 Responses to “Baby yoga”

  1. V & C Says:

    I attended the baby yoga courses for over 3 months and towards the end realised that I was only going along to chat to the other mums and not for the yoga. My baby had lost interest between 7 and 8 months when she started to crawl.

    Would recommend for 4 – 8 month olds.

  2. Susana Says:

    True. My baby is not enthusiastic about this class anymore, and she is in her seven and a half month.

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