Why did I decide to breast feed?

All my female ancestors of my mother’s family where midwives. Unfortunately that long list of midwives generation ended with my mother. She and my grandmother had a midwife practice and were very popular in the neighborhood. I remember that people would approach my mother with questions not only in her office, but also in the supermarket, school and even at the movies theatre ticket line.

I recall that my mother encouraged pregnant women and mothers to breast feed their babies. She was always very supportive and gave them advices on how to achieve that goal. In my family, she did assist my sister and all my sisters in law as well. At that time, I was young and naive, so I did not pay any attention to those advices; however, I do remember the importance that my mother gave to breast feeding, and the day that I held my baby for the first time, that importance became clear and I thanked my mother for that influence that she has on me.

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