Home made recipe to increase milk production and its quality

I have a big baby girl, and with big I really mean BIG. So, the first two weeks, I needed to rely on formula to keep her satisfied. However, on the third week my sister visited us and gave me this homemade recipe that really helped me to increase my milk production and its quality.

1 Liter of milk + half a cup (separately)
2 Tbsp of corn starch (You can buy it at Coop, it is world wide named as Maizena)
2 Tbsp of sugar

Cinnamon Sticks (half a stick is normally enough)
Vanilla (half a bean is normally enough)
Crushed pecans, almonds or any other seeds of your preference. ( to taste)

Put in a pot one liter of milk on the stove in medium heat and add the additional ingredients of your choice. While it heats prepare a mixture in a cup of the sugar, corn starch and half a cup of milk. Stir until dissolved.

Once the milk is close to boiling, add the mixture and stir for about two minutes. Enjoy!

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