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New Course: Sing and Sign

Tuesday, November 21st, 2006

Course 1:

At the French Church, Schanzengasse 25, 8001 Zurich
Every Tuesday starting January 16th through March 27th
(no class February 13th)

Course 2:

At the Birthlight Centre, Grüngasse 21, 8004 Zurich
Every Thursday starting January 18th through March 28th
(no class February 15th)

For more information go to Sing and Sign

Ludothek in Wädenswil

Tuesday, November 21st, 2006

Last Wednesday, my baby and I were enjoying the weather by walking across town. While we were walking I spotted a building which had toys inside. I thought, it was a new toystore and went inside. What I found actually, was a Ludothek which happens to have several toys for children up to 1 year old as well as board games for adults. The Ludothek is not very fully equipped, but it is worth to check it out.

The Lady at the Ludothek was very friendly and helped me to find a nice toy for my baby who happens to be less than one year old. She said that the ludothek is expecting to have more toys for babies around 8 to 12 months this week.

For more information, you can stop by the ludothek at:

Altes Gewerbeschulhaus, 2. Stock, Zimmer 10, Schönenbergstrasse 4a 8820 Wädenswil

Breastfeeding and Insurance

Tuesday, November 21st, 2006

If you are breastfeeding and have at least 10 weeks of doing so (either full or breastmilk and formula), your insurance might pay a certain amount of money (Stillgeld). Ask your Insurance about it.

For more information contact your Mütterberaterin.

New course: Play-dance for children with Mommy

Wednesday, November 15th, 2006

Place: Tanzschulcenter Wädenswil

Ages: From 2 to 4 years old with Mommy

Time: 10:00am – 11:00am


  • Group 13 (K13) starts at 13.12.2006
  • Group 14 (K14) starts at 14.12.2006

Duration: 6 lessons, 1 hr each lesson

Costs: CHF 90.00

For more information or enrollment go to Kinderspieltanz für 2-4 Jährige mit Mami

New course: What to do in case of an emergency with small children

Wednesday, November 15th, 2006

Goal: The participant will achieve an insight of what to do in case of an emergency by using first aid.

Audience: Parents, Grandparents, and Guardians of small children.

Prerequisites: None

Language: High German

Place: Gymboree Play & Music, Feldmeilen ZH

When: 30 November, 7th December

Time: 19:00 – 21:30 pm

Duration: 2 Evenings. 2 1/2 hours per evening

Costs: CHF 90.- for members, CHF 120.- non-members

For more information and enrollment go to Gymboree

New swimming courses for babies and todlers, 2007

Tuesday, November 14th, 2006

Place: Hallenbad Wädenswil, (Warmwasserbecken)

Ages: From 4 months to 3 years old.

Time: Friday

  • Group 1 13:50pm – 14:20pm
  • Group 2 14:25pm – 14:55pm
  • Group 3 15:00pm – 15:30pm


  • Course 1 19.01 – 16.03.2007
  • Course 2 30.03 – 08.06.2007
  • Course 3 17.08 – 05.10.2007
  • Course 4 18.10 – 07.12.2007

CHF 88.00 (hallenbad entry not included)
8 Lessons, 30 minutes each

How to enroll:
Call Monika Schwertner, Einsiedeln
Phone: 055/422 35 05 Fax: 055/422 35 06
or email to

Newmoms Forums available!

Sunday, November 5th, 2006

I am very pleased to announce that starting now, we have discussion forums available!

As new moms, we have so many questions and/or worries that would like to have a hint, suggestion or an answer to them, as well as information that we would love to share with all other moms. These forums are intended to be a way to communicate with each other.

For now, I have created three different categories which are Health and Nutrition, General discussion and Events. You are welcome to participate in all of them even if you do not live around Zürich. I am sure, we can all profit from valuable comments. You can find the link to the forums on the side bar under “Pages”.

Finally, I would like to make a public thank you to my husband who helped me in the technical issues to create the forums on the web site.


LLL Meeting: Preparing for breastfeeding and the first few weeks with the baby.

Sunday, November 5th, 2006

Tuesday, November 7th 2006, 9:30am – 11:30 am

On this LLL meeting, the attendants will share experiences as well as talk about ways to prepare for breastfeeding and for the first few weeks with the baby. It will take place at Hadlaubstrasse 103, tel. 044 – 381 5881 (at Alena Lotz-Oggier’s house) near the Rigiblick bahn.

Swiss Swimming Songs

Sunday, November 5th, 2006

Since our swimming course started, I have been curious about what songs our instructor was singing. She uses songs in Swiss German, and after a couple of months, I have finally the basic lyrics which I post here just in case you would like to take a look.

If you are familiar with songs in English, you will be surprised by the second song which is a translation on Swiss German modified for swimming.


Räga Räga Tröpfli, äs rägnät uf mis Köpflie, wenn´s rägnät werdät Blümli nass und alli Steindlich uf dä Gass!

Sind ihr glücklich und ihr wüssäd (If you are happy and you know it!)

Sind ihr glücklich und ihr wüssäd machäd platsch
Sind ihr glücklich und ihr wüssäd stramplet mit dä Bei
Sind ihr glücklich und ihr wüssäd gumpäd ganz höch
Sind ihr glücklich und ihr wüssäd machäd ä so
Sind ihr glücklich und ihr wüssäd dreihäd eu im Kreis
Sind ihr glücklich und ihr wüssäd schwümmäd ganz schnäll
Sind ihr glücklich und ihr wüssäd schwümmäd ganz langsam
Sind ihr glücklich und ihr wüssäd machäd ä so

Wännd ihr wüssä

Wännd ihr wüssä was die chlinä Fröschli machäd, sie dönd gumpä sie dönd gumpä und sie sprützäd ä so.
Wännd ihr wüssä was die chlinä Fischli machäd, sie dönd blätterlä sie dönd blätterlä u. sie sprützäd ä so.
Wännd ihr wüssä was die chlinä Kräbsli machäd, sie dönd chräbbäla sie dönd chräbbäla u. sie sprützäd ä so.
Wännd ihr wüssä was die chlinä Seehündli machäd, sie dönd klatschä sie dönd klatschä u. sie sprützäd ä so.
Wännd ihr wüssä was die chlinä Chindä machäd, sie dönd schwimmä sie dönd schimmä u. sie sprützäd ä so.

Schau Schau Schau

Schau schau schau, sbädälä isch jetzt vorbi, alli alli gönd jetzt hei schau schau schau!
Schau schau schau, alli mitänand, alli alli gönd jetzt hei schau schau schau!

Alli Chindä

Alli Chindä gönd jetzt hei, alli Chindä alli!
Hüpfä, plantschä im Wasser si,
das isch für hüt scho wieder vorbi.
Alli Chindä sind jetzt müd, ali Chindä ali!

Lyrics of different songs

Saturday, November 4th, 2006

I love music, and there has not been a day that I have not sang to my baby. So, I have just created a Songs category where I intend to put some of my baby’s favorite lyrics as time passes.

Comments on the lyrics section are very welcome as well as new lyrics that you or your baby might enjoy!

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