Coming back!

Hi everyone!

We just returned from a very long vacation and are finally settled down once again to the Swiss life. I have so much to write, so stay tuned.

Happy new year!!!!

2 Responses to “Coming back!”

  1. Niki Crank Says:

    Hi. I’ve made last-minute plans to visit Zurich with my baby son next week and friends are going to be transporting us around. Is there anywhere in Zurich I can hire a baby car seat (rear-facing) without hiring a car? We’ll be over there for just under a week. I already have to bring a stroller so dont think the airline will permit a car seat as well. Thanks!

  2. Susana Says:

    Hi Niki,
    As far as I’m concerned, there is no such place in Zurich. However, here are some ideas: a) Call a car rental company and ask if they would rent the car seat without having to rent an auto. b) You can buy a used one in which is the most popular site in Switzerland to buy/sell used things. c) You can post it in one of the forums here, you might find someone willing you to rent/lend one.

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