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Weaning my baby, my personal experience

Friday, February 2nd, 2007

When my baby was born, it was clear to me that giving her breast milk was the best option for her. However, after giving birth, I was diagnosed with a ligament disease, for which I need medication. Needless to say that I could not breast feed and take the medication at the same time.

I fully breast fed my baby for eight months and after that I could not tolerate the pain anymore. So, I decided it was time to start weaning my baby. As a new mom, it was not clear to me how to do it. My first step was to make a trip to the pharmacies and ask for some samples of the formulas that are available in Switzerland. Following, I used a baby spoon to give the sample of the first formula to my baby. As it turn out, she did not like any but the last one that I tried.

Once I had the formula that my baby less dislike from all, the second step was to go to the baby shops where I bought different nipples. This was the most difficult part of the weaning process, because my baby was just not interested in drinking formula from any silicon or latex material. So, the third step was to pay a visit once again to different baby shops and buy any other kind of cup. Finally, she did like the “sippycup”, a cup with a soft or hard beak from which she can drink and it has a valve to prevent the liquids from spilling.

Now, having the formula and the sippycup, we started to give her small quantities of formula, of course her main source of nurturing was still the breast milk and solids. We gradually increased the frequency of offering her formula until one day she started accepting it without a problem as her main milk.

The whole process lasted about five weeks, and it was so gradual that by the end my milk production had also stopped.

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