Cooking problems anyone out there?

Back in my rebelious young years, when I remember my siblings calling me a spoiled mouse. I remember, my mother cooking for me meals without meat that I would enjoy. She would make about three to four different main courses as one of my sisters could not eat any diary products, and another brother did not tolerate tomato or battered dishes. The amazing part is that the cooking time that it took for her to cook everything is more or less the same time that it is taking me now to cook just one dish for my baby and myself.

Diversity is also a problem that I have been experiencing. As my baby grows, she is developing a very fine taste which lately, I find very hard to satisfy. Am I alone here? I do not know. I wonder if my mother use to feel the same when she started to be a mom. Unfortunately, I cannot ask her as she is not longer with us.

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  1. Mamma Nik Says:

    Hi there,
    I experienced a similar problem with my children, they seem to love some thing one day and then suddenly take a dislike to it, sometimes for a while. :) Fussy little eaters are common in my house, one with an egg allergy as well so it can be a juggle at times, especially at birthday parties. My advice is to try new things, but also offer the disliked foods to see if they may show an interest again. There is a limit to this as my children got so used to having their tastes catered for that when I made a curry for my tastes they turned there nose up at it so it definately pays to try new things often and teach them to at least try before saying “YUK”. This is easier said than done and it is at times frustrating, I can certainly relate to that but hang in there, my 8 year old surprises me at times by trying some thing she didn’t previously like and having a new favourite. It is very age appropriate though and I have been known to give in a give a sandwich after noses have been turned up at the dinner table but ultimately this is not an ideal situation :) I hope this helps. There are some great web sites with recipe ideas out there too, I found that helped my stack of ‘will haves’ greatly.

    I would love to chat to new mums in the Zurich area, I will be moving into the area in July with my two children,soon to be three in June!

    From Australian Nik :)

  2. Susana Says:

    Hi Nik

    Thank you for your support, it’s good to know that Fussy little eaters are everywhere.

    Good luck with the moving, I will write all the activities and play groups that I find here and there, they are a very good source to meet people and make friends. Perhaps we can meet each other some time.

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