Freedom of Speech

Are mothers not allowed to give their opinions?

This topic was inspired by one of our adventures on Friday. It starts when I was contacted by Gymboree, because this company found my comments about the open day at Gymboree Zug negative.

First of all, I would like to make some remarks:

  • The open day at Gymboree Zug was the only day that we had contact with it. We have not attended any trial courses before nor after it. So, what I wrote there was merely my opinion about that specific day.
  • We are attending two courses at Gymboree Zurich, and we actually love it. The two courses which are Play and Music are not only good but excellent.
  • We were interested in attending one course at Gymboree Zug as the schedule matched perfect with ours plus it is actually the nearest Gymboree franchise from our home. Therefore our interest in attending the open day.

With this blog, I intend not only to announce events, but also to give my opinions about them and to open a space where all moms can express themselves. I usually write my own experiences and hope that you use it if it fits you or leave it if it does not. Moreover, I am always happy to read comments on the blog because that actually gives me some feedback.

I believe on freedom of speech and if Gymboree or any other service provider about whom I write disagrees with my opinions, I would encourage them to both take the honest feedback from a customer as an opportunity to improve their services, and to make their opinions public by leaving comments on the blog so everyone can benefit and know about all the sides in the discussion.

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