A “big” comeback

It has been so long since I wrote my last entry in this blog, but now I got rid of all the spiders in my virtual desk!

I really felt overwhelmed from the course that this blog was taking, so I forgot the fun that I used to have by writing on it. However, having taken some vacation, I am returning with more energy.

First of all, my idea of reviving this blog is to announce events but not for commercial purposes, so please stop sending emails to me to advertise your own business here. On the other hand, I am always open to post tips or events from mothers who find something fun or useful for children.

Now the “big” comeback has a literal meaning because I will be mother for a second time. At the moment, my belly is so big that it really fits with the title. Having a second baby has taught me a lot of things and clarified a lot of past experiences with my first child. So, in this blog I will write about my new perspective of things.

I hope we all have a good time!

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