Having a second baby

For the last couple of months, I have received several emails asking me if I’m planning to write some more.

Of course, this blog has been a very nice way of sharing my stories about being a mom and since I gave birth to my second beautiful daughter, it has been in my to-do list to share some more stories here.

However, and as all mothers with two or more children will say, having a toddler and a baby is already a very hard job to do. But what exactly does HARD work mean? you might ask, so here are some highlights:

  • The time that you used to have by yourself when your first baby/todller/child was sleeping during the day, might not coincide with the time that your second baby chooses to have her siesta as well. During this time, your baby might want to play, eat, burp or have colic which means that you might be busy taking care of her.
  • If your second baby cries when the first is sleeping chances are that the first one will wake up not feeling very happy about it, so you might end up trying to calm down two little people.
  • If you are breast feeding the second one, nights are not always a time to get rest but to feed the baby.
  • During the day, you better be ready because your first child has so much energy already.
  • Plus, you have to make some space in your busy schedule to have some one-on-one play time with the first one in order to avoid any jealousy towards the new baby.
  • At the end of the day, or whenever you have a few hours for yourself, you fall asleep whether you plan it or not.

So then why would someone have a second baby if you have to deal with all of these issues?

Well, let me tell you that having a second child has been the most incredible experience not only for me but for my entire family. For instance my first daughter has learned to be patient, tolerant and to share. Being the first and only child gave her very good qualities, as she knew how important she was for us because she had all our attention. However, the arrival of her sister taught her that she had to share mom and dad not only emotionally but physically. She has learned to take turns with us and that if her sister wakes her up in the middle of the night is because she might have a need. Therefore, tolerance is now in her vocabulary. Plus she is in the age where she is learning about independence and having a little space to take her own decisions instead of having mom and dad on her back has been a very nice experience for her.

For my husband and myself, having a second child taught us to chill out. With the first one we were worried for just everything, with the second one, we have been actually enjoying her more knowing already what might come for example if she gets a cold, diarrhea, vomit, a colic, etc. we have learned to patiently follow the proper procedure. Not to mention me going into my second C-section which I already knew how, where and when and actually enjoyed my stay in the hospital.

Finally, as a family, my second child brought us more identity as a group rather than a trio. Having more things to share and hopes to fulfill in the future. Overall, I will definitely recommend it as I am happier now than I was before.

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