I am very proud mother of a happy baby girl. Since the beginning of my pregnancy, I decided to stay a hundred percent with my baby for at least her two years of life even though I have a professional career. So to make the most of this time with my baby, we have been enrolling in different activities as well as meeting groups that are alike to our goals.

This has been such a wonderful experience as we have met several people, some of whom eventually have turned out to be our friends. Additionally, we have been learning activities that have helped us to integrate and better understand ourselves as a family.

I want to share all the information that we have collected and intend to create a source of information of activities for families or mothers-babies who live near Zurich.

This blog is a non profit, not sponsored by any company. You will find my own experiences on each activity that we have attended which are divided between advantages and disadvantages. Use it according to your own opinions and criteria.

Since this blog is new, please feel free to share information by commenting on the blog or send me an email

I hope that you will find it interesting and that it helps you to enjoy your time with your baby as much as I have with mine.

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